Friday, January 6, 2012

Six Weeks Old Today

Today marks the end of our sixth week of this blog.  Tony and I have enjoyed the experience and look forward to it continuing.

Although we’re both new to blog statistics, it seems that each post attracts thirty to forty readers, which feels like a reasonable start.  We wish a few more folks would comment, but we understand that even the internet 2.0 has more lurkers than active participants.

Most our readers are from the U.S., but there is also a smattering of foreign readers, mostly western European, but also a surprising number of Russians, along with the occasional Latvian, Taiwanese, and Turk.   (We know that some of those “readers” are only trolling for addresses to spam, but thus far we’ve noted no problems.)

We’ve also enjoyed the ego boost of having readers tweet about our posts and chat about them on Facebook.

Early on, most of our readers used Internet Explorer, but over time, alternative browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari have begun to dominate.  We’re not sure what that means, but we hope it means that the creative class is now following us.

Statistics aside, when we began we noted our willingness to include other voices.  This seems a good time to check if those other voices are out there and waiting to be asked.

If you’ve been reading all along, you know that perspectives that Tony and I bring to new urbanism.  Tony has talked about architectural issues, while I’ve tackled more of the public policy aspects, with a dab of civil engineering.  We’re looking for voices that would complement and supplement what Tony and I can offer.

We’re committed to our thrice-weekly publishing schedule.  Often enough to encourage frequent returns, but not so often as to be burdensome.  That means thirteen posts per typical month.   If you have a voice that you’d like to share, have a perspective that you think our thirty to forty readers would appreciate, and are willing to take on a regular share of those thirteen monthly posts, let us know.  Tony and I would like to meet you over coffee, or perhaps a beer, to talk.

As always, your questions or comments will be appreciated.  Please comment below or email me.  And thanks for reading. - Dave Alden (


  1. I'm sorry I missed your get-together on Christmas Eve, and I'm totally up for coffee or beer to talk. I'm not sure I have anything in particular to add yet, as I'm still learning and forming opinions on so many of these issues, but I really appreciate your insights thus far.

    Thank you so much for putting the effort into these essays.

  2. Dan, your timing is marvelous. Emailing you was next on my Saturday morning to-do list. Would a Thursday afternoon again work for you? Perhaps the 19th at 4pm? Several other people have contacted me about this blog and expressed interest in joining our discussion group.